Mosami’s beautiful designs are inspired by tradition and folklore from the global village, the symbolism in each piece tells a unique story that becomes deeply personal to its wearer. Our jewellery makes a truly thoughtful gift or personal talisman. Mosami’s collection uses recycled or Fairtrade silver and wherever possible jewellery is sourced from social enterprises in developing communities. A vast majority of precious metal miners currently work in unacceptable conditions for inexcusable pay. In committing to Fairtrade silver we are actively working to improve the lives of the many families who struggle to scrape a living from artisanal mining. Mosami is proud to be one of only ten jewellers in the world to pioneer Fairtrade silver. Fairtrade silver is in very short supply, so when we are unable to use it to make our jewellery we use recycled silver instead. This means that we are using the planet's resources mindfully, re-using a material that is infinitely re-usable and reducing the need for environmentally destructive mining practice by immoral businesses.


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  • Artisan Support
  • Fair Trade
  • Recycling
  • Sustainable
  • Women and Girls
  • Worker Welfare

Added by Ethical Fair: 30 May 2017