MAARÏ is summer's ethical statement created by two dreamers raised on the stunning shores of Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. Like this paradise island’s spirit, MAARÏ operates on the principles of preserving nature and giving back to society. SUMMER IS NOT SIMPLY A SEASON TO US. IT’S A STATE OF MIND. Salty hair and sunny smiles. Vivid beach sunsets, starry nights and breathtaking dawns. A rebirth for each and every one of us. A purifying ritual that we would love to share with you through MAARÏ conscious collections. With the knowledge that natural resources are precious, we devote ourselves to preserve and improve the health of our oceans by using 100% eco-sustainable luxurious Italian fabrics. We rely on research and innovation to save our planet, a little blue dot in the universe. We value human capital, believe in fairness and full transparency, that is why our garments are designed and manufactured with care and carry the distinctive characteristics of the Made in Italy heritage. MAARÏ stands for ‘Sea’ in ancient Sardinian language and carries the honest and intense soul of the island. Authenticity shaped for the brave and strong woman that feels the sea calling and never denies it her presence. THE TIMELESS SWIMSUIT Each MAARÏ swimsuit is handmade in Italy by a team of skilled artisans with over 50 years experience in the swimwear industry. Our environment-friendly fabrics are selected for their highest quality, performance and wearability to give you a sophisticated comfort and a happy conscience. Smart seams, figure-flattering Italian fabric, modern cuts, perfect fit and eternal elegance are essential to each design. Our pre-order structure is essential and manufacture is limited for a reason. A garment is created only if you have requested it. It has a purpose, and it is honourable. We make sure that each MAARÏ swimsuit is unique like the woman wearing it.


  • Women - Women's Fashion
    • Activewear |
    • Beachwear


  • Charitable Activity
  • Conflict Free
  • Eco
  • Made in Europe
  • Sustainable

Added by Ethical Fair: 04 Jan 2018