Arabel Lebrusan has been committed to designing and making beautiful jewellery for the last decade. One of the first jewellery designers/retailers to be a Fairtrade gold and silver licensee and owner of the first ethical jewellery boutique in Sloane Street, London. Arabel designs each piece to strike you in three ways; beautiful design, beautiful quality, beautiful ethics. Arabel only works with ethical materials from responsible sources where the environment and the communities are cared for. Every piece has a story to tell and you can feel the quality of the craftsmanship with your fingertips. "Our jewellery is stylish and ethical, and our customer service friendly and approachable."


Fairtrade, responsibly sourced and beautiful. What more could you ask for! Especially if you are in the market for an engagement ring or other special piece.


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Added by Ethical Fair: 11 Oct 2016